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Orpheus w/ Marija Reikalas

Porto, 07.01.24

Sleepwalking somewhere beyond, in a moonless night. Balancing on a thin edge of a place unknown, while wind whirls in the fabric of a long white night gown. The cold air tastes sweet inside the lungs. Feeling soft and mildly ecstatic. Wake up with a gasp.

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  • 0:00:24
    Romolo Grano, Gianni Oddi 
  • 0:04:10
    Popol Vuh 
  • 0:11:30
    Harold Budd
    Agua (Live At Lanzarote Music Festival 1989)
  • Excerpt N1 From ‘Orpheus’
    Jean Cocteau, 1950, France
  • Simon Diaz 
    Tonada De Luna Llena
  • Piero Umiliani
    Pianure D’Asia
  • Angélica Salvi 
  • Clara Rockmore 
    Theremin Concerto - Pastorale
  • Green-House 
    A Host for All Kinds of Life
  • François De Roubaix
    Ou Est Passe Tom
  • Excerpt N2 From ‘Orpheus’
    Jean Cocteau, 1950, France
  • Suzanne Ciani 
    Flowers Of Evil
  • Eden Ahbez 
    Nature Boy