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Dubuntu w/ Dan Eskitürk

Manchester, 21.11.20

The Brothers Grimm of Manchester aka The Eskiturks, bring their far-reaching tastes to the NTS studio once a month with regular guests joining the journey.


  • Time Cow
    Live Prog Dancehall From Home Part 2
  • Lord Tusk
    Better To Be With Me
  • The Rootsman Vs Muslimgauze
    Banja Luka
  • Muslimgauze
    We Two Are None/Tangier Box
  • DJ Plead 
  • Muslimgauze 
    Re-mix From "Vote Hezbollah"
  • Shinichi Atobe 
    Lake 3
  • Omar-S 
    Coming Home Mum
  • Muslimgauze 
    Dharam Hinduja
  • Alleged Witches 
    It Must Have Been an Animal
  • Anunaku, DJ Plead 
  • Nazar
    2 African Sickos Ft. Citizen Boy (Scratchclart Remix)
  • Mohdjah
    Aguenta 2017
  • A.k.Adrix 
    Desenhos Animados
  • Lokowat
    Cabana Furtiva
  • Lol K feat. LA Timpa 
    Completely Out Of Business (Instrumental)
  • Shabjdeed, al Nather 
    متكتك (Mtaktak)
  • Novelist
    Directions (Feat. Shailan)
  • Novelist
  • A Guy Called Gerald 
    The Reno