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The Early Bird Show w/ Maria Somerville

Galway, 17.08.21

With Maria Somerville

Drifting into a new day with Maria Somerville, live from Ireland's wild west coast.


  • John Carroll Kirby 
  • awakened souls 
    A Decade
  • Daniel Avery 
    The Pursuit Of Joy
  • Helios 
    First Dream Called Ocean
  • Celestial 
    The Perfumed Garden
  • Celestial 
    Cinnamon Snowflake
  • Jennifer Moore 
    Double Landscape
  • Ann Briggs
    Go Your Way
  • HTRK 
    Kiss Kiss and Rhinestones
  • Joanne Roberston
  • Before Flags
    Close Enough To Hear The Flutter
  • John Martyn 
    Small Hours
  • Modern Orange
    Heaven Will Save Us
  • Jessica Pratt 
    This Time Around
  • Davy Kehoe 
    Night Drift
  • Cocteau Twins 
    Ooze Out And Away, Onehow
  • Elizabeth Fraser 
    At Last I Am Free
  • Louis And The Lovers
    I Just Met You
  • Rema-Rema 
    Fond Affections
  • Xiu Xiu 
    I Swallow The Moon
  • Broadcast 
    Echo's Answer
  • Cindy 
    Discount Lawyer
  • Donny & Joe Emerson
    Dont Disguise The Way You Feel
  • Durutti Column
  • Daniel Avery 
    The Midnight Sun
  • Pablo's Eye 
    A Long-Standing Dream
  • Waterboys
    Whole Of The Moon
  • Enya 
    Carribean Blue
  • Enya
    Ornico Flow
  • Before Flags
    Close Enough