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The Early Bird Show w/ Maria Somerville

London, 10.08.21

Introducing The Early Bird Show - our radio offering for morning people, hosted by Maria Somerville (Mondays and Tuesdays), Spirit Blue (Wednesdays and Thursdays) and Jack Rollo (Fridays). Weekday mornings, 7-9am.


  • Imaginary Landscapes
  • Harold Budd
    Rosetti Noise
  • Jefre Cantu-Ledesma 
    Echoing Green
  • Not Waving, Romance 
    Sleepers, Awake!
  • Sofie Birch & John Caroe
    Cannotes Beauty
  • Dirty Beaches 
    Love Is The Devil
  • Alan Stivell
    L'harp L 'eau
  • Norma O Maley
    Some Tame Gazzelle
  • Eddie Marcon
  • Train Fantôme 
    Pour S'aimer Comme Avant
  • Deux Filles feat. Annie Hogan, John Porter, Matt Johnson, Steve Sherlock 
    Our English Friends
  • Vic Mars 
    Following The River
  • Scott Gilmore 
  • Alisons Halo 
  • Languis
    Track 9
  • Languis 
    Something For Nothing
  • White Light
    I Want You To Know Me
  • Biancas Scout
    Anons Song
  • Julee Cruise 
  • Slowdive 
    J's Heaven
  • Mollly Nisoon
    Out There
  • Life Of Angels
    Golden Age
  • The Go-Betweens 
    Cattle And Cane
  • Les Rallized De'nudes
    White Awakening
  • Dj Lostboi
    I Am Real