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The Early Bird Show w/ Maria Somerville

Galway, 09.02.21

With Maria Somerville

Introducing The Early Bird Show - our new radio offering for morning people, hosted by Maria Somerville (Mondays and Tuesdays) and OK Williams (Wednesdays and Thursdays). Tune in Monday to Thursday mornings, from 7-9am, just before Charlie Bones.


  • Ruth Anderson 
    The Pregnant Dream (1968)
  • Michael Harrison
    The Acoustic Constellation
  • Cybe 
  • The Soft Pink Truth 
  • Arthur Russell 
    Losing My Taste For The Night Life
  • Kitchen Cynics 
  • Malibu 
    Lost At Sea
  • Francis Plagne 
  • Colleen 
    Gazing At Taurus - Santa Eulalia
  • Peaking Lights 
    Hey Sparrow
  • Jonnine 
    The Tides Do That With Me
  • John T. Gast 
  • (Smog) 
    Feather By Feather
  • Neo Mayo
    I Won't Hurt You
  • David Lynch 
    Cold Wind Blowin'
  • Felt 
    Evergreen Dazed
  • Norma Tenega
  • Thanasis Zlatanos
    A Retrospective
  • Jabu And Daniela Dyson
    Do You Have Peace?
  • Black Sabbath 
    Planet Caravan
    Rokc Muzik
  • Patrick Kelleher And His Cold Dead Hands 
    Broken Up Now
  • Children Of Sunshine
    Its A Long Way To Heaven
  • Nick Drake 
    One Of These Things First
  • Bauhaus 
    All We Ever Wanted
  • Reymour 
    Six Pouces
  • The Gift Of Sound
    David Lynch
  • Nashpaints 
    No Mind
  • Nashpaints 
    Found Myself
  • Blancmange 
    Holiday Camp
  • R Elizabeth
    Spiratual To Symphony