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Eclair Fifi w/ Kasper Marrott

London, 02.12.21

With Eclair Fifi

Expert selections all round: encompassing everything you know and love from Eclair Fifi. That's techno, electro, hip-hop, Latin Freestyle, early Warp Records material, and then a bunch of other stuff that's bound to surprise you.


  • Bernard Parmegiani 
    Points Contre Champs
  • Samo DJ, Maxxxbass 
    Free Yourself From The Misery Of A Existence
  • Steven Warwick 
    Millennial Vague
  • Zazou Bikaye 
    Ba Wela
  • Rhode & Brown 
    Black Cardigan
  • Diseo Corbusier
    Le Chat
  • Deo + Zman
    XTC (Luca Lozanos Accidental 2cb Remix)
  • Tambien 
  • DogPatrol 
    Crying Shrimp
  • Chari Chari 
    Calling Spirit
  • Solid State 
  • Kasper Marott
    Klokkeblomst, I'm Calling You! (Unreleased)
  • Prototype 909 
    Devil Dog
  • Kasm 
    Past Powers
  • Skatebård 
  • Ronan 
    Dream Portal
  • Om 
    Physical Reality
  • Friends Lovers & Family 
    Diamond Lil's
  • Madame Dubnois
  • DJ Alici (Steve Morley mix) 
    Passion (Steve Morley Remix)
  • Kasper Marott
    Ringsted Outlaw (Axces, 2022)
  • Kasper Marott
    Baby Pop (Axces, 2022)
  • Bill Converse 
  • Maledetti 
  • Bogdan RA
    Pacific Fire & 1000 Snares
  • Bipo 
    Why? (Extended Vocal)
  • Morgan
    I Think Of You (Samo DJ Remix)
  • Dj Steve (Luca Lozano mix) 
    Vandal Eyes (Luca Lozano remix)
  • Michael Marra