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Ectotherm w/ Ida & Asmus Odsat

Copenhagen, 11.04.18

An ectotherm is an organism reliant on environmental sources of heat to regulate body temperature. Ectotherm is also a Copenhagen-based record label founded by Courtesy and Mama Snake, home to releases from Schacke, Rune Bagge and Ibon.


  • Simo Cell 
  • Duckett 
    Half Remembered Days
  • Jonbjörn
    Amsiak [Forthcoming FALK Disks]
  • Don’t DJ
    Pornoire [Berceuse Heroique]
  • Batu 
  • Solid Blake 
  • Trygvi
    ? [Forthcoming Sweaty Records, I Think]
  • Asmus Odsat 
    Ecstatic Half Truth
  • Arkajo 
  • Voodoo Suite 
    Music Is Moving (Funcatransa Mix)
  • S.O.N.S 
    A New Life (Planet Earth Mix)
  • Basement Jaxx (Stanton Warriors mix) 
    Jump 'n Shout (Stanton Warriors Mix)
  • Textsasy
    Blow Your Head [Craigie Knowes]
  • Peverelist 
    Under Clearing Skies
  • Asmus Odsat 
    Soften The Clocks
  • Hardfloor, E.R.P. (E.R.P. mix) 
    4th Dimension Of The 5th Ward (E.R.P. Version 1)
  • Pollon 
    Lonely Planet
  • Ø (Mika Vainio)
    Ensimmäinen Valo
  • Lost Entity 
    Annihilate (L.E.S. Mix)
  • Rhythm Invention (Nick Simpson mix) 
    Chronoclasm (Nick Simpson's Portable Mix)
  • Language 
    Renegade (The Energy Mix)
  • C & M Connection
    Bio Rhythms
  • Dawl 
    Brutal Science
  • Junq 
    From Below
  • Curve (Aphex Twin mix) 
    Falling Free (Aphex Twin Remix)
  • Cusp 
    Mars The Red Planet
  • Unit Moebius 
  • Jasen Loveland 
    Epoxy (Patrick Russell Remix)
  • Clementine 
    The Opening
  • Radioactive Man 
    Bassick Element
  • Charles Green 
    Gamma Rays
  • Killian
    World Of LSD