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Efficient Space w/ Altered States Tapes

Melbourne, 23.05.23

Newcastle experimental outpost Altered States Tapes take a snapshot of the wildly talented people that have contributed to its 140-release reign.


  • Tarquin Manek & YL Hooi
    Smoke In Your Eyes
  • 33
    Diminishing Return
  • 1too
    Don’t You
  • Th Blisks
    I Don’t Fade
  • Leven Canyon
    Behold The Aeronaut! [Forthcoming]
  • Grotesque Circular Dance 
    (The Gospal According To) Des Heart
  • Carnage 
    Lung Cancer
  • Aemong
    Playing Possum
  • Civilisation
    Breach Keenly Happening [Forthcoming]
  • Mikey Young 
  • Troth 
  • Ron Nagorcka 
    Liapatyenna (Crescent Honeyeater)
  • Anna Savage 
    Saturn Again
  • Hayden Moon
    When I Look Up
  • Gi & Abby Sundborn
    Cipher [Forthcoming]
  • Cooper Bowman (Ft. Amelia Besseny)
    Nortia’s Whisper