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Elena Colombi

London, 20.05.19

Elena Colombi helps to keep Mondays weird - expect a diverse range of up-and-at-'em records: from techno to post-punk, through EBM, industrial and -wave…


  • Yu Su 
    Words Without Sound
  • Leif 
  • Radiante Poupre
  • TC
    What's Love Got To Do With It (EC Synthétique Edit)
  • Hoshina Anniversary 
    Arazaramu / あらざらむ
  • Raymonde 
    No Techno
  • Leo James
    Desert Nightflower (Excerpt)
    Flexion (Part1) (Excerpt)
  • The PL
    I Feel Love (EC Synthétique Edit)
  • Sote 
    Atomic Hypocrisy
  • KN
    I Feel Love (EC Tenor Edit)
  • Yoko Ueno 
  • Weird Dust 
    Palladium 2.2
  • Pascal Comelade 
    Séquence 2
  • Pont à Mousson 
    Darkness Is The Key Of Our Love