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Elena Colombi w/ Julia Mira

London, 22.03.21

Elena Colombi helps to keep Mondays weird - expect a diverse range of up-and-at-'em records: from techno to post-punk, through EBM, industrial and -wave…


  • Jonquera 
    Beutson Ardent
  • Philipp Gorbachev
  • Maral
    Another Birth
  • Sepehr 
  • Peder Mannerfelt 
    Every Day Had A Number
  • Vee 
    Aether (Stage II)
  • Religius Order CDL
    In Your Hands
  • Philipp Gorbachev (Decka mix) 
    I Am Saved (Decka Remix)
  • Kiri
  • Historical Repeater 
  • Cosmic Baby 
    Melbourne-Mexico-New York
  • Anh Phi
    Nói Thì Nó
  • Mani Festo 
    2L Turbo
  • Bonaventure
    Trisolarian Body
  • Peder Mannerfelt 
    Shining Beacons Of Light
  • X-Dream 
    Relax Vortex
  • Dream Sequence
    Gary Rave