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Moving places w/ Ellen Arkbro & Hilary Jeffery

Berlin, 08.02.22

With Ellen Arkbro

Minimalist movement on the open fields of sonic harmonicity – by composer and musician Ellen Arkbro, the monthly “Moving places” brings forth new listenings in the in-between of experimental forms of sound and music.


  • Swamp Dogg (Love, Loss, And Auto-Tune)
    Answer Me, My Love
  • Prefab Sprout 
    Avenue Of Stars
  • Zapp (The New Zapp IV U)
    I Only Have Eyes For You
  • The Durutti Column 
    Pete's Riff
  • Minor Tom (Hilary Jeffery)
    A Blue Door Is An Alien
  • Model 500 
    Last Transport (To Alpha Centauri)
  • Christer Hennix Lille 
    Still Life, Q*
  • LFO 
  • Minor Tom (Hilary Jeffery)
    Nothing In The Phryg
  • Crypton 
    Stranger In Space
  • Robert Fripp, Brian Eno
  • Flux feat. Adrian Sherwood, Bonjo I, Brian Pugsley, Coal, Kenny Wellington, Lu, Martin, Paul White, Ray Shulman, Smuff, Style Scott, Sue Churchill 
    The Stonecutter
  • Prefab Sprout 
    Andromeda Heights