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Emotional Landscapes

London, 12.07.21

Maya Kalev paints varied soundscapes in her monthly Emotional Landscapes show, running through a selection of wide and varied ambient music including fourth world, kosmische, dream pop and minimalist compositions…


  • Xochimoki
  • Arian Shafiee
    Midday Ft. Gabi
  • Megan Alice Clune
    The Swirl Of The Void
  • Eli Keszler 
    The Accident
  • L’Rain
    Blame Me
  • Jon Hassell 
  • Moritz Von Oswald Trio 
    Chapter 7
  • Motoko & Myers 
  • Aine O’Dwyer & Graham Lambkin
    The Old Brigade
  • Paul DeMarinis 
  • Kiri Uu 
    Meri Kiige All / The Sea Under The Swing
  • Moin
    I Can’t Help But Melt
  • Zumvo 
    The Mad Pilot
  • Natural Snow Buildings 
    Sun Tower