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Emotional Landscapes

London, 14.04.21

Maya Kalev paints varied soundscapes in her monthly Emotional Landscapes show, running through a selection of wide and varied ambient music including fourth world, kosmische, dream pop and minimalist compositions…


  • Lisa Lerkenfeldt 
    Music For Three Combs
  • Kirk Barley
  • Pure Joy
  • Mind Maintenance
    Glow & Glimmer
  • Call Super 
    Welcome New People
  • Southeast Of Rain 东南有雨
    Day 8 Between Fleeting Somethings 须臾之间
  • Roy Montgomery 
    Unhalfmuted (For Peter Principle)
  • Robbie Basho 
    Bride of Thunder
  • Monokultur 
    Bär Deras Saker
  • Lost Girls 
    Losing Something
  • Carl Stone 
    Men Gheir Wa7da
  • Daughters 
    Less Sex