Live now

All Trades w/ Chuggy

London, 22.11.16

The man behind the various Emotional labels jumps in the NTS cockpit for a chance to show off his expansive taste.


  • Ed CFE Music
  • Yabby You 
    Conquering Lion Style
  • Arnold Blair 
    Finally Made It Home
  • The Kloom (Die Wilde Jagd mix) 
    40 Gram Beton (Die Wilde Jagd Remix)
  • Albion
    Unknown Track
  • Jonny 5 
    Deja Vu
  • Super Mazembe Orchestra 
    Shauri Yako
  • Suns Of Arqa (Adrian Sherwood mix) 
    Acid Tabla (Adrian Sherwood Remix)
  • Joe Masunga 
    Nwananga Washaneseka
  • Its Material
    Space He Called From The Kitchen
  • Cass. 
  • Omar S
    Unknown Track
  • Unknown Artist
    Unknown Track
  • Jennifer Lara
    Close To Mine
  • Vernon Maytone 
    Old Pan Sound (Version)
  • Mr. & Mrs. Dale 
    It's You (Radio Mix)
  • Plus Intruments
    Love Is Enough (Khidja Remix)
  • Shriekback 
  • Julie Stapleton 
    Where's Your Love Gone? (Remix)
  • Africano 
    Satisfactorize Your Mind
  • Davidson 
    Going Back To My Roots (Instrumental)
  • Dunkelziffer 
    See It