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All Trades w/ Chuggy

London, 10.11.21

The man behind the various Emotional labels jumps in the NTS cockpit for a chance to show off his expansive taste.


  • F.U.S.E. 
    Dimension Intrusion
  • Les Marais
  • Herbie Hancock, Foday Musa Suso 
    Ndan Ndan Nyaria
  • Brownsmith 
    Gold And Mellow
  • Mr Amir 
    Reasons To Live
  • Afrikan Dreamland 
    stateside rasta
  • Mike Brooks
    If I Didn’t Love You
  • Alpha & Omega, Dub Judah 
    Rasta Is Merciful
  • Al Wootton 
  • Hiverned 5
    Side A
  • Group Du Jour 
    Motion Of Waves
  • Debbie Gaskin
    What’s That
  • Art Fly feat. Josi (Graziano Ragni, Mr. Hyde mix) 
    Il Gioco Delle Perle Di Vetro (Day Version)
  • Cold End 
    Metropolitan Jungle
  • Chubb
    60 Seconds
  • Angélique Kidjo (Norman Cook mix) 
    Wé-Wé (Norman Cook Remix)
  • Idjut Boys 
    Kenny Dub Headband
  • Aashid Himmon
    God And I
  • Khidja
  • SYT
    Pressure Dub
  • King Sporty
    Year Full Of Versions