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All Trades w/ Chuggy

London, 21.07.21

The man behind the various Emotional labels jumps in the NTS cockpit for a chance to show off his expansive taste.


  • The Irresistible Force 
    Mountain High (Live)
  • Anatolian Weapons
    An After Thought
  • Tapes
    Silence Please 1
  • Christos Chrondropoulos
    Desire As Love
  • Tomaga feat. Cathy Lucas 
    Very Never (My Minds Extend)
  • Josefin Ohm + The Liberation
    Radio Lollipop (Cherrystones Remix)
  • T-woc 
    Ci Vi
  • Gabrielle Roth & The Mirrors 
    Seducing Hades
  • TNT Roots 
  • LNS (DJ Sotofett mix) 
    37th Degree (DJ Sotofett's DubFix)
  • Sugar Minott & Wackie’s Rhythm Force
    No Way
  • Sugar Minott, Captain Sinbad 
    Hard Time Pressure
  • Cloud "7" 
    You Can Make It
  • Red Beat 
    More Or Less Cut
  • Imago 
    Going Through The Motion
  • Usted Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan
    Jhoole Jhoole Lal (Dub Mix)
  • The Soundstealers feat. Ali B. 
    Steal It An' Deal It (The Sahara Dance Mix)
  • Alphonse
    Edit Of Song Old Tune
  • Fantastic Man 
    Psychic Monthly
  • CZN 
    On An Asset Tip
  • Alex Kassian 
    Leave Your Life (Lonely Hearts Mix)
  • The Irresistible Force
    Mountain High (End)