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All Trades w/ Chuggy

London, 14.08.22

The man behind the various Emotional labels jumps in the NTS cockpit for a chance to show off his expansive taste.


  • Akulina 
    Waiting (Akulina Remix)
  • Chari Chari 
    Uluwatu Monkey Dance
  • Placid Angels
    A Perfect Swim
  • Sofa Elsewhere
    Naked Under The Rain (Mogwaa Remix)
  • HAN
  • Deadbeat, Om Unit 
  • Jeff Dread 
    Dub The Farmer´s Daughter (Tension Extension)
  • Horace Andy 
    Mr. Bassie
  • Gregory Isaacs 
    Cool Down The Pace
  • Chosen Few 
    In The Rain
  • Paul Thompson 
    Can I Take You Home
  • The Maghreban
    Celebratory Relaps
  • Andy Fairley 
    False Starts
  • LG
    RIP Squad Edit
  • Exotic Maximus
    Paint It Black
  • The Frenzied Bricks 
    (Can I) Bridge The Gap
  • Black Bones
    Lion Of Juddha
  • Cousin~ 
    A Message From Q
  • African Head Charge
  • Akio Nagase
    Acid Massai Collectiv
  • Tornado Wallace 
    Sea Translation (Original Mix)
  • DJ Normal 4
  • Piers Harrison
    Love To Dance
  • Tornado Wallace 
    Sea Translation (Resurrected Mix)
  • Tresa Leigh
    I Miss You