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Beirut Daze w/ Ernesto chahoud

Beirut, 16.04.21

Infamous Beirut DJ Ernesto Chahoud takes over the NTS signal for his monthly 'Beirut Daze' slot, recorded in Lebanon and showcasing music from his far-ranging collection.


  • Alvin Lucifer
  • Marcel Duchamp 
    Musical Sculpture
  • Wolf Vostel
    Elektronischer De-Coll_age Hapening Raum
  • Christina Kubish & Fabrizio Plessi
  • Hans Otte 
    Das Buch Der Klänge - The Book Of Sounds
  • Morton Feldman 
    Extensions 1 For Violin And Piano
  • Horacio Vaggione 
  • Ernesto Chahoud
    Broken Bridges 6
  • Ferrari 
    Visage V
  • Larry Coryell 
    Picean Moon