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Beirut Daze w/ Ernesto chahoud

Nottingham, 07.08.20

Infamous Beirut DJ Ernesto Chahoud takes over the NTS signal for his monthly 'Beirut Daze' slot, recorded in Lebanon and showcasing music from his far-ranging collection.


  • فيروز, Fairouz 
    لبيروت = Li Beirut
  • John Berberian, The Rock East Ensemble 
    The Oud & The Fuzz (4/4)
  • Rabih Abou-Khalil 
    Bat Dance
  • Insane Al Munzer
    Streets Of Beirut
  • Blue Mitchell 
    Blues' Blues
  • The Sea-Dears
    Hide If You Want To Hide
  • Omar Khorsid
    Al Rassassa
  • Omar Khorsid
    Johnny Guitar
  • Mogollar
    Also Geyik Destani
  • Unknown