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Erol Alkan - Trash Special

London, 12.01.22

With Erol Alkan

A 21st Century titan of UK dance music graces NTS with two hours of selections every month.


  • Add N To (X) 
    Metal Fingers In My Body
  • Pankow 
    Girls And Boys
  • Broadcast 
    America's Boy
  • The Chap 
    (I Am) Oozing Emotion
  • Eleastica
  • BrThe Sisters Of Mercy
    Alice (Re-Edited)
  • Buzzcocks 
    A Different Kind Of Tension
  • Manic Street Preaches
    Comfort Comes
  • Eno 
    Third Uncle
  • The Sound
    I Can’t Escape Myself
  • Liars 
    Grown Men Don’t Just Fall In The River Like That
  • Ride 
    Black Night Crash
  • Vanishing 
  • The Long Blondes 
    Autonomy Boy
  • Mo-Dettes 
    White Mice
  • Souixie & The Banshees
    Congo Conga
    Don’t Be A Liar
  • Dub Narcotic Sound System 
    Fuck Shit Up
  • Pixies 
    Into The White
  • Whitey 
    Wrap It Up
  • Diagram Brothers 
    We Are All Animals
  • Adam And The Ants
    Cartouble (Parts 1&2)
  • James White & The Blacks 
    Contort Yourself
  • Polyrock
  • The Buff Medways 
    Troubled Mind
  • Death From Above
    Romantic Rights (Erol Alkan’s Love From Above Remix)
  • David Bowie 
    It's No Game (Part 1) = イッツ・ノー・ゲーム(パート1)