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Erol Alkan

London, 13.04.21

With Erol Alkan

A 21st Century titan of UK dance music graces NTS with two hours of selections every month.


  • The KLF 
    What Time Is Love? (LP Mix)
  • Ragga Twins
    Prince Was Something Else (Oldschool Rider Edit)
  • Leon Vynehall 
    Snakeskin ∞ Has-Been
  • Erol Alkan (LA Priest mix) 
    Automatic (LA Priest Remix)
  • Marvin & Guy 
    Prince Of Badlands (Dance Mix)
  • Bézier 
  • SASM
    Democracy (Silent Servant Remix)
  • Museum Of Love
    Marching Orders (Justin Van Der Volgen Dub)
  • UNKLE 
    If We Don’t Make It (Rōnin Throwdown)
  • Fresh 4 Ft Liz E
    Smoke Filled Thoughts
  • Georges Teperino 
    Electrosonics N° 4
  • Roger Fakhr 
    Gone Away Again
  • D.C. LaRue (Maurice Fulton mix) 
    Cathedrals (Maurice Fulton Mix)
  • Benjamin Fröhlich (Chicken Lips mix) 
    How Much Are They? (Chicken Lips Remix)
  • Omar S
    Set Me Up Vocal Mix
  • Tapes 
    Aquarium Trousers
  • GLOK
    That Time Of Night
  • Yuki Conjugate
    Beyond Control 4 (NTS Session)
  • Para One (Actress mix) 
    Shin Sekai (Actress Remix)
  • Reece Cox (Call Super mix) 
    Emotion 1 (Call Super Remix)
  • Risqué III 
    Essence Of A Dream