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Erol Alkan

London, 04.08.20

With Erol Alkan

A 21st Century titan of UK dance music graces NTS with two hours of selections every month.


  • In Aeternam Vale 
    The Missionary Man
  • Propaganda 
    18. Novembar
  • Moskwa Television
    Tekno Talk
  • Jamie 3:26
  • Savage Hymn 
    La Vida Sigue Igual
  • New Fast Automatic Daffodils 
    Big (Baka)
  • BTU 
  • Robert Rental 
    Ugly Talk
  • Jonnine 
    Blue Hills
  • Dukes Of Chutney
    Little War (Feat. Wovette)
  • Annie Anxiety, Little Annie 
    Third Gear Kills
  • Young People 
  • Acopia
    Just Fine
  • Erol Alkan (Manfredas mix) 
    Sub Conscious (Manfredas Stream Of Consciousness
  • Monads 
    All Repro
  • Wraetlic
    Bumfluff (Smagghe & Cross Remix)
  • The Abstract Eye 
    The Unseen
  • L.B. Dub Corp
    Walk To The Mountain And See
  • Ela Minus
    They Told Us It Was Hard, But They Were Wrong. (DJ Python Little Peake)
  • Broke One
  • Prince 
    Our Destiny