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Erol Alkan

London, 04.05.22

With Erol Alkan

A 21st Century titan of UK dance music graces NTS with two hours of selections every month.


  • Talk Talk (Gavin MacKillop mix) 
    Living In Another World (Extended Remix)
  • New Fast Automatic Daffodils
    Big (Kieran Holden Edit)
  • The Slits
    DONT BE SO SERIOUS (Mad World Megamix)
  • David Holmes (Ft Raven Violet)
    It’s Over If We Run Out Of Love (Hardway Bros Live At The SSL Dub)
  • Gloor 
  • Aux 88 (Anthony Rother mix) 
    Voice Modulation (Anthony Rother Remix)
  • Josh Caffe
    Do You Wanna Take Me Home
  • Paris Brightledge (Gerd mix) 
    Deep In My Soul (Gerd Remix)
  • Cromby 
  • Kito Jempere (Samo mix) 
    A King Of Comets ft. New Composers (Samo DJ Remix)
  • Wild Flowers
  • Lee Douglas 
  • Viju Shah With Sadhana Sargam
    Saat Samundar Paar (DDD Edit)
  • Akofa Akoussah 
  • The Ace Of Cups
  • Pytko 
    Silent (Bullion Remix)
  • Pixel Grip 
    Play Noble
  • Charlotte Adigéry, Bolis Pupul 
    It Hit Me
  • Stringtronics 
    Dawn Mists
  • Tom VR
    October (Lone Remix)
  • Lakker
    Future Memory
  • Bored Lord
    Rom Play
  • Apollo View
    II (Violet Remix)
  • Elektrochemie LK 
    Schall (Album Version)