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Extra Night Live Radio - Nightwalkers

Rotterdam, 09.09.23

Join Extra Night Live Radio on NTS with a selection of Nightwalkers episodes for a wander to the edges of danger and allure, city and desire, dream and possibility. Curator Chiara Siravo savours the respite from sunlight and clamour that reveals the nocturnal landscape and characters of Il Borgo, home to the Vatican in Rome. Architect Ali T As'ad weaves through the streets of Tangiers, dancing between observer and being observed, cultural and literary expectations. Artist Elaine W. Ho tightropes the longitude of midnight through the liminality of airport transfers between Hong Kong, Bangkok, Ahmedabad, Mumbai, New York, and Dallas.

Curator Paola Antonelli saunters from her office at the Museum of Modern Art, following her nose into the languorous New York dusk.

Nightwalkers episodes by Paola Antonelli, Ali T As'ad, Chiara Siravo, and Elaine W. Ho. Sound design by Tobias Withers. Music by Tobias Withers and Alex Bloomfield. Curated by Nadine Botha. Produced by the Extra Extra team. Extra Night Live Radio is a 12-hour radio marathon on Operator Radio in Rotterdam, Duuu in Paris, and Montez Press in New York, with live music, interviews, and sweltering stories. The programme is compiled by Defne Ayas, Amber Bas, Abdelkader Benali, Samira Benlaloua, Justine Gensse, Cesar Majorana, and Fatos Ustek.

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