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Bad Vibes w/ Eyedress

Los Angeles, 20.04.20

With Eyedress

Idris Vicuña a.k.a Eyedress holds down a monthly hour on NTS' channel 2 bridging the gaps between lo-fi hip hop, garage pop, psychedelia and more…


  • Fenix Flexin
    Rip Mac P Dawg
  • Fenix Flexin & Mac P Dawg
    Half N Half
  • Shoreline Mafia feat. Q Da Fool 
    Gangstas & Sippas
  • Slimesito 
  • Slimesito
    Same Shit
  • Soulja Boy 
    The First
  • Black Kray Aka Sickboyrari & Aok
  • The Khan
  • The Khan
    Nedarb On The Beat
  • Lil Dmt
    Bad Dream$
  • Lil N1p
    Como Soy (Feat. Lil Dmt)
  • N8noface
    Say No More (Prod. By Eyedress)
  • Pink Siifu & Yungmorpheus
    Black Ice (Feat. Koncept Jack$On)
  • Pink Siifu, YUNGMORPHEUS 
    Big Bag (prod. GriMM Doza)
  • Blackfist 
  • Blackfist 
    Inner Circle (Onyx Kings)
  • Blackfist 
    Root Of It All
  • Pink Siifu 
    stay sane
  • Pink Siifu
    Pull Up
  • Yungmorpheus
    King Morpheus In The Magic Castle (Prod. By Eyedress)
  • Hi-C 
    Yrrr Mind
  • Lazygod
    Shrooms And Tv
  • Lazygod
    Goth Girls
  • Navyblue
  • Triathalon
    Untitled (Prod. By Eyedress & Thebreezewflo & Liano)