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Fat Out - Thurston Moore Special

Manchester, 04.03.17

DIY promoters of Fat Out's Burrow at Islington Mill, the Fat Out crew flick through their crates once a month to serve up a right treat of gluey DIY post-punk, experimental and flat-out weird records alongside all the other stuff they're into.


  • Sonic Youth
    Ball In The Heather
  • Sonic Youth
    The Burning Sphere
  • The Stooges 
    Raw Power (Rough Mix)
  • Patti Smith 
    Redondo Beach
  • Fugazi 
  • (The) Melvins 
    A History Of Drunks
  • Isis 
  • Action Beat 
  • Sonic Youth
    Costa Breeze
  • Thurston Moore 
  • Alexander Tucker
    Skealtor Blues
  • Faith No More, Fantomas 
    The Godfather
  • Fatomas
    Twin Peaks
  • Tortoise 
    High Class Slim Came Floatin' In
  • Paperchase
    I Know Where You Sleep
  • Sun
    Big Church
  • Divo
  • Erasure 
    A Little Respect
  • The Knife 
  • Sonic Youth 
    Drunken Butterfly