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Fervent Moon

London, 13.12.18

DJ: “… I don’t know, I didn’t… I didn’t think I’d be the one holding the air, I never spoke live before the event consumed the many. I’ve no news for the desperate survivors and… and I can’t… well, I can hope that this next song might help us survive a little longer…"


  • Middle Ages 
    Stop Your Lies (Instrumental)
  • Pussycat 
    Le Chat
  • 矢野顕子 
  • Supermax 
  • B.W.H. 
    All Right
  • Gwendolyn 
    Come To Me (Radio)
  • Exposé 
    Come Go With Me (Extended Mix)
  • Dominatrix 
    The Dominatrix Sleeps Tonight
  • The Unknown DJ And DJ Three D
    Beatronic (Long Version) (Ghetto Blaster Mix)
  • C.O.D. 
    In The Bottle (Instrumental)
  • Xēna 
    On The Upside (Dub)
  • Saâda Bonaire 
    The Facts