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Field Work

London, 11.12.21

Experimental and intercepted transmissions every month with Field Work friends and family. Accompanied by GIFs at


  • The Watersons 
    Christmas Is Now Drawing Near At Hand
  • Rosa Mundi
    Walking In The Air
  • Alison Cotton 
    Shirt Of Lace
  • Psychic TV 
    Thee Shadow Wood: Refuse This Laughter
  • Gothic Voices With Emma Kirkby
    O Viridissima Virga
  • Mother Mallard’s Portable Masterpiece Co. 
    Oleo Strut
  • Final 
    Flow River Flow
  • U.S. '69 
    2069: A Spaced Oddity
  • Fountain Sun
    Sweep The Temple
  • O Yuki Conjugate 
    Cloud Cover
  • Theme Ltd
  • Psychic TV 
    Cathedral Engine: Mark Cold Stone
  • The Lost Jockey 
    Rise & Fall
  • Dean Blunt 
  • Wingo Maat
    Excerebration Of The Scribe
  • Life Garden
    It’s A Small World
  • T 21 
    The Golden Age
  • Colin Newman 
    Quite Unrehearsed
  • The Red
    The Signal Original
  • Nina Nastasia 
    Handmade Card
  • Frankie Goes To Hollywood 
    The Power Of Love
  • Claude Young Jr.
    Signal From Amor
  • Ambrose Field, John Potter 
    La Dolce Vista
  • Mic Holwin 
  • Paul Chain
    Violet Art Of Improvisation