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Fifth World w/ Ian Kim Judd & Spencer Clark

New York, 15.05.17

With Spencer Clark

A riff on Jon Hassell's Fourth World series. Where Hassell focused on creating ritual music of potential societies that didn't exist; Ian Kim Judd seeks to evoke the notion of potential utopian societies that could exist. In these times of global instability and uncertainty, Fifth World seeks to posit an alternative, with scenes from an optimistic future.


  • Ghostwriters
    Boticelli Rewind
  • Cybe 
  • Bamboo Knock 11 O'Clock
    La Cheval De Ma Vie
  • M'Boom 
    A Quiet Place
  • Spencer Clark 
    The Simulated Australia
  • Typhonian Highlife
    Symphosonian Nasty Boys
  • Simon Boswell 
  • Chinese Wedding Band
    Material Girl
  • Unknown Artist
    Vestry Bumper
  • Alan Tam
    Asian Gaming Shells
  • Unknown Artist
    Mario Kart Lap
  • Egyptian Sports Network 
    Jai Lai Space Jump
  • Thierry Durbet
  • Thierry Durbet
    Bio Clone 3
  • Alan Tam
    Siamese Garden Vine
  • Thierry Durbet
    Cold Engineering
  • 213