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Fifth World w/ Ian Kim Judd

New York, 19.02.20

A riff on Jon Hassell's Fourth World series. Where Hassell focused on creating ritual music of potential societies that didn't exist; Ian Kim Judd seeks to evoke the notion of potential utopian societies that could exist. In these times of global instability and uncertainty, Fifth World seeks to posit an alternative, with scenes from an optimistic future. Image courtesy of Ian Parlett-Schaefer ( @ionosphere on IG)


  • Palta 
    Sagens Natur
  • Jake Muir 
  • Nick Malkin
    Perfect Terminal
  • Oca 
    Stretching In Water
  • Young Marco 
    Sacred Space
  • Cass. & Gianni Brezzo
    Der Daene
  • Basses-Terres 
    Undecipherable Eyes, Protected From The Sunlight
  • China Crisis 
    Jean Walks In Freshfields
  • Andy Rantzen 
  • CS & Kreme
    Faun House
  • Smagghe & Cross 
    Le Soleil Levant
  • Brannten Schnüre 
    Wann Kommst Du Geschneit?
  • Star Searchers 
    Finspray Of The Mako Shark
  • SnP 500 
  • Steel Magnolias