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Fifth World w/ Ian Kim Judd

New York, 27.09.23

A riff on Jon Hassell's Fourth World series. Where Hassell focused on creating ritual music of potential societies that didn't exist; Ian Kim Judd seeks to evoke the notion of potential utopian societies that could exist. In these times of global instability and uncertainty, Fifth World seeks to posit an alternative, with scenes from an optimistic future.


  • --:--
    Nun To Me (Piano Cover)
  • 0:02:50
    If time bends (ft Angelina Nonaj)
  • 0:06:52
    Ans M
    Cicada Lullaby II
  • Other Joe
    Inky Or Lemon Cream Or Lemon Whiz Saunters
  • J and the woolen stars
  • K2dj, Kindtree
  • The Smashing Pumpkins 
    Cupid De Locke
  • EERA
    Would You Remember Me If Tomorrow I Was Gone #
  • Hume, Cor2pel, Lilic
    Magenta (Assemblage)
  • Leop4rdi
    On Nights Like This
  • Yuichiro Fujimoto 
  • Khotin 
    Mom's House (May 28, 2023)
  • Linoleum 
    Plug Walk
  • Other Joe
    Me And Mr Boo!
  • Bladee
    Westfield (Malibu Ambient Rework)
  • Russian Tsarlag 
    Fading Fast
  • Angel Heart
    The Crying Nudes
  • Lauren Duffus
    Spare Seat Demo
  • Nudo
    Pbr Seeds (Shaders)