Live now

Flaneur Radio w/ Max Barbaria

Los Angeles, 07.10.20

Songs to take walks to presented by Harley Justice Wertheimer


  • Paradise 3001 
    Beautification Bang Bang (Total E-Clipse)
  • Ebony 
    Crazy Love (Dub Mix)
  • Pete Cannon
    Amiga 1200 Jungle With Korgs And Akai S950_1100
  • Cassie
    Me & You (DK Domino Remix)
  • Royce
    Corazon Sin Cara (Pex L Edit) (Club Drums)
  • The Stupids
    Retard Picnic
  • A Team
    On The Real Freestyle
  • Trixter 
  • Big Mike, French Montana 
    Henny & My 44
  • Ti Emile
    Pano Passe L’en Main O Swe A
  • Sena 
    Children Of The Ghetto
  • Cherine
    Oh La La La
  • Kick 
    Lollie Pop (Vocal)
  • The World Famous Mad Lads, The Crossfire Band (Willie McClain mix) 
    You Blew It
  • Paradise
    Atlantis Part One
  • Yage 
    Coda Coma
  • DJ Kurvy
    Flying High
  • East Wall 
    Eyes Of Glass (Vocal)
  • Milton Wright 
    All I Know Is That I Have You