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Floating Points & Jnett

London, 21.08.19

With Floating Points

Sam Shepherd a.k.a Floating Points barely needs introduction. Cataloguing depths uncharted to expose some of the best jazz, soul, rare groove and disco around.


  • Fifth Avenue 
  • The Queens Community Choir 
    How Much Do I Owe
  • Rubeinstein 
  • Pino Presti 
    Funky Bump
  • Tony Fox 
    Love, Let Love And Be Loved
  • The Brief Encounter
    Goy A Good Feeling
  • La Voyage 
    Never Looking Back
  • Sunbear 
    I Heard The Voice Of Music Say
  • Mary Mundy 
    Love Me, Love Me
  • FP Edit
  • Mellow Madness Band 
    Boogie "M"
  • Konduko
    The Root Rock
  • Mark Grusane
    "Mgm Edits Vol.2" : Track1
  • Akufen 
    Dick Side
  • Braxton Holmes Productions
    Braxton Disco
  • Mr K, Joey M 
    Please Come Home (Joey M DJ Heaven Edit)
  • Claudja
    Johnny,Johnny Please Come Home
  • STABLO NO. 9998 Japan Edition
  • Wyndell Long 
  • Temmy Regisford
  • Jamal Moss 
    Salvation Is The Cure
  • Gigi Galaxy 
    Cosmic Forces As They Were Taught In Mu. (96 Mix)
  • E-Dancer 
    The Human Bond
  • UR
    Desert Colonization
  • Galaxy2Galaxy
    Afros Harp
  • Heady One Ft Skepta (Floating Points Remix)
    Back To Basics
  • Robert Hood 
  • KMFH 
  • Dalvin And The Duke
  • Art Alfie 
    Easy To Love!
  • Matt Covington ( FP Edit )
    Baby Blood
  • Tamburine Party Record
  • Mohammed & The Black System 
    Man Don't Cry