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Floating World Music.

London, 22.02.17

With Bass Clef

Bass Clef presents Floating World Music: a story told with records and tapes and words. A monthly dive into an abyss of music and non-music. A Nonesuch Explorer series for the 21st century.


  • Le Groupe Angklung 
    Laila Manja
  • Kraftwerk 
    The Voice Of Energy
  • Kate Petrova
    Ik Ben De Geode Stojne
  • Shrimati Gupta
    Mira’s Bhajan
  • Bjork 
  • Unknown Artists
    Becoton From Music Of The Dayak, Borneo
  • Monks Of The Mohabodhi Society Calcutta
    Pali Prayer
  • Unknown Artists
    Gondang From Indonesia
  • Unknown Artist
    Pushtu Quatrain From Afghanistan
  • David Byrne 
    The Red House
  • HSBC 
  • Sing Circle
  • Unknown Artist
    Shinto Court Ceremony
  • Caldara 
    Virgin Of Virgins
  • Judith Cann 
  • Prince
    On Letterman
  • Le Groupe Angklung 
    Tatabeuhan Sungut
  • Prince
    On Oprah
  • Sekaha Ganda Sari Bona
  • Wu-Tang Clan 
    C.R.E.A.M. (Acapella)
  • Unknown Monks
    Hymn Of Milarepa
  • Syntonic Research Inc
  • Lomiya Tawfiq
  • Unknown Monks
    Tantra Of Gyuto Sangwa Dupa
  • Nina Simone (Organica mix) 
    Westwind (Organica Remix)
  • Unknown Monks
    Tantra Of Gyuto Sangwa Dupa
  • Method Man
    PLO Style (Acapella)
  • Eartha Kitt 
    Angelitos Negros