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The Food & Liquor w/ Parker Corey

Los Angeles, 17.04.20

Get your Food. Get your Liquor. Los Angeles creative house GLDVW send in two of their own, Rasheed and Laedi, to deliver your monthly fix with LA's most creative minds.

Listen in, find what you want, get what you need.


  • D'Cruz (With Some Making The Band S4)
  • TyM
    Welp, Tour's Over
  • Mica Levi, Oliver Coates 
    Say Goodbye To Everyone
  • Sampha (Added Some Grains)
    Can’t Get Close
  • Zelooperz X Injury Reserve
    Don’t Touch That!
  • Okay Kaya 
    Zero Interaction Ramen Bar
  • Melikxyz
    Reality (Little Light Of Mine)
  • Drake
  • Clipse (Melikxyz & Parker Corey Remix)
    Wamp Wamp
  • Jam City
    Ultralight Beam SNL / Good Lads, Bad Lads
  • Quelle Chris, Chris Keys 
  • Body Meat
    The Well
  • ???
    The Last Angel Of History
  • Injury Reserve (Black Midi Remix)
  • Carla dal Forno 
    Make Up Talk
  • Melikxyz, Lil QWERTY & Injury Reserve
    Castor Oil 2020
  • Liv.e 
  • De La Soul (Smeared Edit)
    Trying People
  • Daniel Blumberg (I’m Trying To Build A Time Machine Edit)