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Forever to Whatever

London, 16.09.19

Excursions in the many strains of metal…


  • Wishbone Ash 
    Queen Of Torture
  • Paul Brett's Sage 
    Custom Angel Man
  • Curtis Knight 
    Lost Memory
  • Ill Classe
    Animal Love
  • Stump Water
    Turn Me On Woman
  • Murphy Blend 
    At First
  • Killer Kane Band 
    Don't Need You
  • Big Blond Baby
    Plastic Feet
  • Silverhead 
    Ace Supreme
  • Burning 
    Estoy Ardiendo = I'm Burning
  • Crime 
  • Smoke 
    That's What I Want
  • Method 
    Hold On Tight
  • Method
    Run Run Run
  • Super Chief
    Red Brained Woman
  • Charlie 'Ungry 
    Who Is My Killer
  • Judas Priest