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A Strange Attractor w/ Fortuna Records

Tel Aviv, 25.03.21

Fortuna Records specialize in the forgotten psychedelic sounds of Israeli and middle eastern grooves, giving records from their own back yard the exposure they never got…


  • Don Cherry
    Organic Music Society
  • múm 
    The Land Between Solar Systems
  • William Buroughs X Gus Van Sant
    Image Is Words
  • Nadeh El Shazly
    Afqid Adh-Dhakira
  • Bachir Attar, Elliott Sharp 
    El M'Dahi
  • Sylvain Kassap 
    Musique Pour Julie - L'Inutile
  • Andreas Hoffer
    Feuer Auf Dem Dach Der Welt
  • Baligh Hamdi 
    Chaka Chiko
  • Omar Khorshid 
  • Brother Ah
  • Angel Bat Dawid 
    Black Family
  • Team Shadetek 
  • Rodinia
  • Yusef Lateef 
    Sounds Of Nature