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A Strange Attractor w/ Sheer & Shy

Tel Aviv, 20.07.22

Fortuna Records specialize in the forgotten psychedelic sounds of Israeli and middle eastern grooves, giving records from their own back yard the exposure they never got…


  • Algier
    Bells Of The Century
  • Noam Enbar
    Rozo D’Shabbos Part 1
  • Rocky B
  • Erez Yehiel
    Lechu Neranena (Sheer & Shy Fix)
  • Ofra Haza 
    Slave Dream
  • Uri Katzenstein
    Love Dub
  • Faye Shapiro
    If Darkness Comes (Sheer & Shy Take)
  • Zehava Ben
    Salamat / Alternate Version (Sheer & Shy Take)
  • Alain Maneval 
    Souviens-Toi Du Futur
  • Mesilat Yesharim
    Another Side To The Hole (Instrumental)
  • Lehakat Israel
    Foreign Reign
  • Shy & Sheer
    Praise JLM
  • Meira Asher 
    Give Peace
  • Teapacks
    You’re Not Trying (Sheer & Shy Take)
  • Haim Ulliel
    Sanduk La'ajiv
  • Tasmin
    Shivka (Synth Version)
  • Ron Eliran
    At Adama (Sheer & Shy Give’n’take)
  • Havurat Hazemer Shiran & Zemer Lach / Ohad Fishof
    Nosei Hamigbaat