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Fractal Meat On A Spongy Bone - Mechanical Laboratory of Antimatter



This episode of Fractal Meat features recordings from my room at Fort Process 2016, with Henry Collins, Leslie Deere, Sam Underwood and myself presenting experiments in sound and improvised collaborations.

Fort Process took place on Saturday 3rd September at Newhaven Fort, a museum in a former seafort on the Sussex coast. The Mechanical Laboratory of Antimatter was one room amongst dozens of sound- and noise-activated spaces. Henry Collins brought his Rummaging project. Sam Underwood spent the day building signalling horns. Leslie Deere demonstrated some of her kinetic sound sculptures and her Modern Conjuring for Amateurs piece. I showed various iterations of Mechanical Techno.

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  • Sam Underwood - Signalling horns demonstration for for Mechanical Laboratory of Antimatter
  • Leslie Deere - Modern Conjuring for Amateurs (excerpt) for Mechanical Laboratory of Antimatter
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