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Franchise Radio w/ J Montag

Los Angeles, 18.12.20

Franchise Magazine shares what they have been listening to at the HQ.


  • Jacques Greene 
  • Avalon Emerson
    Rotting Hill
  • Innella
    The Invention Of Flying
  • Surgeons Girl 
    Clouded Temper | Small Steps
  • Fit Of Body
    Punks Unavailable
  • MoMA Ready
    Saving Grace
  • Joey G ii 
    Hold On To Me
  • Khotin 
    Service Provider
  • Lil Silva 
  • Kelman Duran
  • NA DJ
    Mariah Chops
  • Adam Curtain 
    Doors of Perception
  • Hodge (Facta, K-Lone mix) 
    Sense Inversion (Facta & K-Lone Remix)
  • Projexx
    City Lock
  • Diplo 
    Big Lost
  • Madlib 
    Road Of The Lonely Ones
  • Babyfather