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Perpetual Sound w/ Fred P

Berlin, 30.05.20

With Fred P.

Fred P, a.k.a Black Jazz Consortium, brings deep underground music for the mind, body and soul, as well as music from his label, Soul People Music. One hour a month on stream 2.


  • Inkswel
    Rockin Music Redux Feat Isaac Aesilli Camelia Drop The Mask
  • Daino
    What You Need
  • Kousto
    Stanley On The Bass
  • Ralph Session
    Til The Dawn
  • Lukas Poellauer
    Depatrure (Siggatunez Rework) Brine
  • Moody Waters
  • Mexico
  • Museum 
  • Fred P
    Meditation 1 (Demo)
  • Karetina
    Bizaarro World
  • Dana Ruh
    Dogs Two