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Perpetual Sound w/ Fred P

Berlin, 23.08.20

With Fred P.

Fred P, a.k.a Black Jazz Consortium, brings deep underground music for the mind, body and soul, as well as music from his label, Soul People Music. One hour a month on stream 2.


  • Fred P
    More Than Meets The Eye
  • Black Merlin 
    MOD IK
  • Vince Watson
    Progress (Joe Claussel Remix)
  • Anthony Nicholson Ft. Koku Gonza
    I Want
  • Dynamic
  • Diamond 
    Rough Cream
  • Elodie Rama (Mimid mix) 
    H.o.m.e (Mimid Dub Vocal Mix)
  • Daniel Avery 
  • BNJMN (Efdemin mix) 
    Hypnagogia Part 2 (Efdemin Remix)
  • Fred P
    Of The Cloth