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Perpetual Sound w/ Fred P

Berlin, 07.03.21

With Fred P.

Fred P, a.k.a Black Jazz Consortium, brings deep underground music for the mind, body and soul, as well as music from his label, Soul People Music. One hour a month on stream 2.


  • Irakli 
  • yehno 
    Fog Rolling
  • 34th Floor Experience
    Love Will Find Away Nico Lahs Remix Kreuzberg Kix (GE-OLOGY's Brooklyn SLAP Mix)
  • Nicco (N.D)
    Lost Universe (Javonntte Remix)
  • P-Lask
    You Make Me
  • Ela_Minus
    Megapunk Sofia Kourtesis Remix
  • Forest Drive West 
  • Fred P
    Mind Games (Sketch Version 2)
  • ItaloJohnson
    B2. 14B2
  • Larry De Kat 
    Nxsty Girl
  • Renote
    Breeze Original
  • Saint Paul 
    A Natural High