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Freedom To Spend

Los Angeles, 11.02.20

Freedom To Spend examines fully realized yet under recognized sonic statements from other eras when accessibility to technology did not always equate to accessible music… Less is more, more or less. Spend some mind, free your time.


  • 김수철 
    갈등 = 葛藤 = An Emotional Untanglement
  • Letov/Suchilin/Pillaev
    No Quarter
  • Mouthfeel
  • Uzgin Uver
    99 Pt 2
  • Men's Recovery Project 
    Problem? (Owner's Remix)
  • Ledins/Rolsteins
    Karstums Afrikas Libija
  • Mike Cooper 
    Kokoke Nalu
  • Lim Giong 
    A Pure Person
  • Kokoke Nalu
  • Wahono 
  • Karoly Cserepes (Feat. Marta Sebestyen)
    Elment Az En Rozsam
  • Brannton Schnure
  • Pirkan 
    Túl a vizen
  • Men's Recovery Project 
    Frank Talk About Mutants (Carl Cullins Remix)