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Steven Julien Presents: The Apron Show - CHLOËDEES TAKEOVER

London, 24.03.21

With FunkinEven, Steven Julien

The Apron Records boss takes his anything goes approach to an continually surprising hour of radio every month, featuring everything from dusty leftfield house to energetic jazz, and anything else that he's feeling.


  • Ckyard Band
    Smooth Shit
  • Jarren
    Forthcoming Apron
  • Faith Evans 
    Faithful (Interlude)
  • Timbaland And Magoo
    Love Me (Fest. Tweet)
  • Ben Hixon, Stefan Ringer feat. Stefan Ringer 
    Tom Track 01
    Too Cute Feat. Stonie Blue
  • Shy One 
    Route II Romeos
  • Jarren
    Forthcoming Apron
  • Leo Pol 
    Say It
  • Dee Dee Brave 
    Feel The Breeze
  • Brassfoot
  • Ase Manual
    Peaking Instrumental
  • American Matthew & Charles Moon
    Black Sunday
  • Legowelt
    Stark Island Acid
  • DJ Gregory 
    Attend 1
    Love It Away Feat. American Matthew & Aria Lanelle
  • Marcos Valle 
    Mais Do Que Valsa
  • Zopelar
    Process Of Change