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Gabi w/ Four Legs

London, 12.07.21

Musical peregrinations from Gabi, guiding listeners through new wave, post punk and synth.


  • Judy Nylon, Crucial 
    Jailhouse Rock
  • Algebra Suicide 
    Tuesday Tastes Good
  • The Gist 
    Killer Bird
  • Easy
    Mata Hari
  • Green Sugar
    Kikagaku Moyo
  • Black Iris
    Sven Wunder
  • Wei?
    Bolis Pupul
  • Maya 
    Synthezoid Heartbreak
  • The Flowers 
    [Life] After Dark
  • Saâda Bonaire 
    You Could Be More As You Are
  • Eisbar
  • Dominic Christ