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Ganga Blues w/ Daniel Oh

Los Angeles, 10.08.22

Ganga blues… the Korea edition… a fitting substitute considering anyone familiar with Korean culture will know that the concept of "han" is often said to be best translated into "blues". The mix focuses mainly on the rock and pop sounds of the 60s and 70s, as western cultural influences found their way into a country once known as "the hermit kingdom". Featured heavily is the work of Shin Jung Hyun, South Korean singer/songwriter/guitarist aka the godfather of Korean rock. The mix is bookended with recordings of "guk-ak" (traditional Korean instrumental music played on instruments invented as far back as the 7th century AD) and traditional Korean Buddhist chanting.


  • Park Min Ji
    Komungo Sanjo
  • Sanulim
    White Porcelain
  • Kim Sun 
    The Man Who Must Leave
  • Lee Jung Hwa
    Long Way
  • Kim Jung Min
    If I Have To Forget
  • 펄씨스터즈 
    I Love You
  • Golden Grapes
    Stop Harassing Me
  • Cha Joong Rak
    Anything That's Part Of You
  • Kim Jung Min
  • Mowg
  • Unknown Artist
    Namo Amitabha / Yeombul