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Geologist Presents: The O'Brien System w/ Deakin

Washington DC, 04.01.24

With Geologist

Brian Weitz has been making music as Geologist with Animal Collective for going on two decades. The egg first cracked in the mid 90's at Baltimore record fairs and long overnight radio shows in New York on WKCR. Whether making sounds in the practice space or playing records, his bandmates call it the O'Brien System. One Tuesday each month you can go there with him on NTS 2.


  • Nourished by time 
    Staring into the fireplace
  • Bella Hayes 
    This Tree
  • Blood Snake II
    AM 1 (Youtube)
  • Swim
  • Herald
    Lights (Release May 2024)
  • Tear Sponser
  • Jamal R Moore Organix Trio
    Souls Of Transition
  • Bubble Wand 
  • Ruby Mars
    Guarded Lawn
  • Liz Durette 
    All Aboard
  • Sham 
    As The Heat Rises
  • Duduk Solos
    Anush Garun
  • Stephen Santillian
    Sleepers Find A Hole Through Time
  • Wheatie Mattiasich 
  • Andrew Bernstein 
    Deus Ex Machina