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Geologist Presents: The O'Brien System w/ Jeremy Hyman

Los Angeles, 07.12.21

With Geologist

Brian Weitz has been making music as Geologist with Animal Collective for going on two decades. The egg first cracked in the mid 90's at Baltimore record fairs and long overnight radio shows in New York on WKCR. Whether making sounds in the practice space or playing records, his bandmates call it the O'Brien System. One Tuesday each month you can go there with him on NTS 2.


  • Dan Deacon 
  • Lothar And The Hand People 
  • Fumio Miyashita
    Live On The Buffomundo Show
  • LNS 
  • Jackson Ryland 
  • Simon Popp
  • Terre's Neu Wuss Fusion 
    She's Hard
  • Lifted
  • DJ Monchan 
    So Hot (Monchan 64 St Marks Edit)
  • Eddie Kendricks 
    Date With The Rain
  • Dj Technics
    Clair (Take Two)
  • Troy Brown, D.J. Patrick 
    Who Shit Is This (Dub Mix)
  • Diamond K 
    Freek Dance (Louie Louie's Mix)
  • Willow 
    Squirrel City
  • Puto Tito 
    Mestre Das Artes
  • Black Power Productions
    On And On
  • Em Vee Edits
    You Move Me
  • In Sync + Pluto
    Subway Route
  • Blazer Soundsystem
    Love Break
  • Refreshers 
    Moving Up Dub
  • Lifted & Panda Bear