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Golden Ratio Frequencies w/ Aural Canyon PT 3

Manchester, 27.08.22

2 hours of trance inducers, stress reducers, sonic meditations, sun salutations, deep vibrations, drone emanations and setting you up for a weekend of re-calibration. Keep it horizontal, keep it locked.


  • Dura
  • Chad Mossholder
    Rewritten Memories
  • PME
  • Cole Pulice & Chris Farstad
    Long Gone
  • Tarotplane
    The Inside Of The Outside
  • Fogwood
    Untitled 5
  • Black Taffy
  • Ryan Raffa & Sam Prekop
    Only Came Out To Say Goodbye
  • Justin Sweatt
    Good Old Neon
  • Dave Graw
    In The Dew Of Little Things
  • Pinson
    Rest Easy
  • Sonaura
  • Noah Alonzo
    All Of My Love Is Here Right Now For You
  • ATOP
    Psycho Physical
  • Ecovillage
    Spark (Ft. Fennesz)
  • J.R. Bohannon & Alexander Turnquist
    Part Two
  • CC Sorensen
    Convolve In Python
  • Julia E Dyck
    Warp (Excerpt)
  • Lake Mary
    In The Bellies Of Our Sisters
  • Botany & Symbol
    A Plastic Plant
  • Aura Gaze
  • City Of Dawn
    Home Is A Time
  • Crystal Voyager
    WheN SErenDipiTy OccUrs I ShaKe
  • Bernard
    Fools Fall And Rotten Leaf